Frequently Asked Questions


Protection of personal information

This site do not use Google Analytics or any other analytics/tracking, not now, not ever. This is the reason you won't see one of those annoying cookies pop-up.

I Ching FAQ

What is the I Ching

The Yijing or I Ching is among the oldest classic texts from the Chinese culture, originally a divination manual from the Zhou Dynasty, around 1000-750 BC.

What is the I Ching used for

It is used as a divination manual. Using different methods generate random numbers between 6 and 9 to create Hexagrams. Then, you can search for the hexagram and the corresponding lines for your answer.

What is a Hexagram

Hexagrams are the basic unit in the I Ching structure. A hexagram consists of 6 lines which can be either full or broken.

Trigram FAQ

What is trigram

Trigram app, is an Online I Ching journal currently in active development, designed and developed by Florian Rand..

What features are in development

This site will have some new cool features in the future, although there is not established ETA yet.

Is there a roadmap with future features

The project is only few months old (as Oct. 2020) and many features are still in design process. All the necesary information will be posted but there is no ETA yet.

Why this site does not have more I Ching related content, like guides, or other useful information

Trigram is designed and developed by one person only, and that task alone is very time-consuming. That kind of content will be available soon, although there is not established ETA yet.