Designed to complement your I Ching flow.

Trigram is an I Ching app meant to enrich your I Ching flow, not the other way around.

trigram app multiple screen illustration

Simple, but powerful

trigram follows KISS design principle with only the necessary features to cast and keep track of your I Ching readings.

Quick and easy workflow

Whether you're at home, travelling or at work, trigram is quick and easy to use. Keep your active readings in the Journal tab or archive them with a simple slide.

A companion app for your favorite I Ching journal system

Some people prefer handwritten notebooks. Some people like Word documents. Some people prefer Excel sheets. But what happens when you don't have any of those tools available and want to cast a reading? With trigram, you can cast a reading, keep in your phone ready until you finally can sit down and take your notes in your favourite I Ching journal system.

Respect for your privacy

trigram is too busy to track you: as trigram privacy statement says: trigram does not collect, store, send or track personal information about you, or any data for that matter.

Automatic Light and Dark theme

trigram adapts to your phone theme, whether you prefer light or dark theme

trigram mobile app light and dark theme screenshots

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